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Jacquie Tran

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There remains a huge amount of work to be done to explore and understand athlete and team performance in women’s sport. This is true for sports that have had professional or elite women’s competitions for some time. It’s especially pertinent in sports like Australian football, in which the top-tier women’s competition was only established in 2017. Here’s a snapshot of the available knowledge about AFLW matchplay: I conducted Google and Google Scholar searches for ‘aflw’ and ‘women australian football’.

Jacquie Tran

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I often get asked questions about how long I’ve been coding for, how I got started, whether I have completed any formal studies in programming / computer science, and so on. The reality is that my path is far from linear. Most of what I’ve learned to date has been more opportunistic than strategic, curiosity-driven rather than being part of a master plan to acquire professional skills for the workplace.